Trouble finding a gift for Mother's Day?

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I got you covered!

Janine's Jewelry Design-- Gift Guide for Mother's Day  


Think of it this way, you have to get a gift for someone but you don't know what.  Some people like jewelry, music, coffee, animals, sports etc. But not just one item, some people like a variation of things which is what makes them unique. 

So for the perfect gift,  why not combine them.

I mean, combining two or more things they like to do or have, together in a gift.


For example, got someone in your life who loves tennis and wine? I got the gift for you.

Tennis themed wine glasses. (All images have links to where you can purchase these.)

Catch my drift?


Here's another one. A person who loves cats and sparkly crystal jewelry (I know a few people in my life who this applies to).

Kitty sparkle pendant to the rescue! One of my creations, I made this with lots of love.



How about a cook book for someone who likes to cook and also listen to heavy metal? 



A gardener who loves books?

Here's a succulent book garden from the Etsy site. How cool is that?

Use your imagination and google two words together to come up with great gift combination.  Some other examples are:


Tea and Crossword Puzzles (sounds like a cozy time)


Football/Baseball/Hockey and Coffee (I know a bunch of moms who would love a gift that takes care of both these interests) 


Chocolate and Travel (International chocolates from around the world)


Happy Hunting for the perfect gifts!


P.S. -------->Keep your eye out for a special mother's day offer starting next week!


It's a sweet deal but I am waiting for some goods to come in so I can show you. 

Hint: It will be a free gift with purchase for Mother's day.


Keep May 20th, 2017 on your calendar for Springfest in Holliston, MA. It's a festival where all the merchants around town have special deals and sidewalk sales, musicians are playing outside and on peoples porches. I will be participating with some fun things to do. Want to know more? Here's the LINK.



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