Black Sunstone Earrings, Sunstone Gemstone Earrings

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Gorgeous sparkly natural gemstone. About 2" long.Sterling silver ear wires. Wire wrapped  with sterling silver wire and antiqued to show detail.
Black Sunstone Earrings
About black sunstone-

"Black Sunstone benefits (Feel protected and energized

It is time to shed a light on an uncommon crystal that I really don’t think that it is as famous and not heard about as other types of gems.

So, today’s crystal is Black Sunstone which obviously belongs to the family of well-known Sunstones crystals.

So, what is Black Sunstone?

Black Sunstone is a newly discovered crystal that is known for its vitalizing, positive, and protecting energy. Its color ranges from deep red-brown to almost black opaque hues, plus it is distinguished by a particular metallic and iridescent appearance due to the inclusions of hematite.

Black Sunstone benefits revolve around helping"

Black Sunstone Earrings