Turquoise Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, Bee, Bird, Dragonfly, vintage Glass Flowers, Glass Menagerie Bracelet, Charm Bracelet/Spring Bracelet

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Brass chain with assorted vintage charms.
Charms include green and turquoise color vintage Sw Crystal charms, vintage glass flowers, vintage glass drops, vintage beads.
Other charms such as dragonfly, bee and birds.
Is 7.5" long but can be clasped shorter on the chain.
Lobster claw clasp in antique brass.
Lovely color and sparkle, the lucky person who gets to own this beauty will be pleased!
Reminds me of the play glass menagerie.
I was inspired to make this bracelet after reading a book about French vintage jewelry.
These glass flowers were very hard to come by hence the price.
So gorgeous:)