Janine's Jewelry Design

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841 Washington Street, Holliston, M.A. 01746

Phone: 1 508-306-1064

Small size 6.5” 
Vintage brass button closure.

Made with mookaite , citrine, quartz and glassbeads.
Black leather.
Mookaite is an earthy color gemstone that is great for adventure and travelWhile hematite absorbs negative energy and takes away stress.Perfect for a vacation anywhere!! From crystal vaults “
The unique artistry of Jasper is that of Nature itself - golden sunshine, a nighttime sky, poppy fields or a deep green forest, desert sands, the undulating ocean, red rock canyons, sweeping mountains. Each stone is a masterpiece of the Creator, bold and primitive in style, solid and earthy in form, with a warm, harmonious energy that resonates with the primal self.”

Leather and Gemstone Warm Color Cuff-Size small