Bad Jewelry

January 24, 2019

Bad jewelry. We all have some.


The worst I hate to say is the stuff you get in a gumball machine. Tiny mystery metal ring with shiny cuts in it to replicate gemstones. Or the plastic rings that smell like a chemical factory. But what if you get a really sentimental piece and it just is....well, bad?


I gave someone an engraved necklace and I couldn't believe a clear film came off it after a few years. Like the silver was dipped in clear goo. Made me sad. Good thing it didn't make the recipient sad. As far as I know.


I've repaired all kinds of jewelry so I have seen the best designs with tarnish. I go to remove the tarnish and all of a sudden a silver bangle bracelet turns copper!

A prized souvenir pendant turns the person's neck a lovely shade of green. 

Earrings that make your earlobe puff up.

You get the picture. 

The bangle could be filed down to be all copper or re-coated with silver .

The back of the pendant could be coated with anti-tarnish glaze or felt.

The earring posts could be replaced with surgical steel, gold or surgical plastic. 


Sometimes it's hard to tell what is plated silver or gold. 

Silver or gold plating is a thin coating of the precious metal over another metal. For example silver plated is silver coating over brass or another alternate non precious metal. Gold Vermeil is 14k gold plating over sterling silver. Sometimes it's so hard to tell.


There are some hacks I have seen out there to fix bad jewelry problems as long as the piece is worth it to you. 

Does it bring you joy?