Charging plate/Incense Burner Polished Selenite Charging Station

Charging plate/Incense Burner Polished Selenite Charging Station

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size 9 inch long and 1.5-inch wide height is 0.375 inches Selenite charging plates in their natural state. Can be used as an incense burner also In order to vibrate at their highest capacity, your crystals need to be cleansed and charged. That’s where a Selenite Charging Plate can come in handy. Selenite is unlike any other crystal. It doesn’t need to be charged, and it will amplify the energy of all crystals set upon it. Low vibrational energies attract negativity on the same level. Raising your vibration is essential to keeping feelings of grief, fear, anger and anxiety out of your mental and physical space. If you’ve been doing a lot of work with crystals during times of stress or emotional turmoil, don’t forget to release that energy from them using Selenite. Selenite evokes protection from the angelic realm, helping to dispel all negative energy from the body and mind. It is known to bring deep peace and mental clarity. This Selenite Charging Plate will magnify the energy of anything that is pla