Got broken jewelry hanging around??

Costume jewelry repair 

Such as:
✨Restringing those stylish stretch bracelets
✨Restringing anything!
✨Gluing rhinestones back into a piece.
✨ Sterling silver jewelry hand polishing.
✨ Redesigning an old piece into something new. 
✨ Adding a different clasp.
✨ Adding magnetic clasp for people with arthritis.
✨ Missing earrings redesign or repurposing.
✨ I have great referrals for gold and precious jewelry. I do not repair them.
  • Each repair is quoted individually before work is started. 
  • I charge $25/ hour for repair and hand polishing with a minimum of $5 or 1/4 hour of service. 
  • $30/ hour for design services. 
This doesn’t include the price of hardware and supplies. For example, clasps, jump rings or extra beads. 
The typical repair of a single strand restringing necklace can range from $7 to about $55 depending on if it’s knotted between the beads, if it needs more beads-and/or a new clasp.