Necklaces & Bracelets

The standard length for a necklace is 18 inches. Most of my designs are strung on 18” unless described otherwise in the item description. If in the past you've found necklaces tend to be too long for you, order 16 inch length. If you've found the opposite to be true order 20-24 inch length. To order a different length than in the item description email me at info@janinedesign.com.
Long necklaces are typically 30 inches. Depending on your body type, we give you the freedom to size up or down. I am a bigger gal and I personally like 20” long necklaces. Children ages 6-10 enjoy a 14-16” length.  If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Jewelry Care

Store leather jewelry flat or hanging in a dry place (avoid the bathroom). Allow all liquids to dry before wearing. Wipe leather clean with a damp microfiber cloth if needed.
Brass will naturally oxidize and darken over time. To slow this process you can store your jewelry in a clear plastic bag with an anti tarnish strip. Avoid getting your jewelry wet & allow all liquids to dry before putting your jewelry on. Polish brass with a jewelry polishing cloth, such as a Sunshine Cloth (available to purchase on Amazon.com).
Store sterling silver & 14k gold fill jewelry in an air-tight container with an anti tarnish strip. Avoid moisture, harsh chemicals and liquids on your jewelry. Clean with a soft cloth after wearing.  Polish sterling silver & 14k gold jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth, such as a Sunshine Cloth (available to purchase on Amazon.com)
Avoid wearing with oils and perfumes. Keep out of sunlight. Resin will go yellow over time and sunlight exposure will make the yellowing happen faster. Do not wear in swimming pools or expose to harsh chemicals. Resin will scratch so be careful with sharp objects.

1. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, appliances, furniture like wood table tops and certain kind of plastic as this may react to your clay pieces.

2. Never use jewelry cleaners on them, if your polymer clay jewelry is accompanied with metal, try not getting it onto your pieces by covering them with plastic while cleaning ...

3. You can restore shine on your pieces by buffing them with a lint-free cloth or you can apply a small amount of future floor polishto polymer clay ONLY.

4. All metal tarnishes overtime to prevent progression, store your jewelries on cloth jewelry bags and avoid storing them in high humid area.

5. You can clean your pieces using soap and water, avoid getting it onto metal. If water gets into the metal, try to dry them out completely before storing them.