SCENT Diffuser |Car Air Freshner | 8ml

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Our SCENT Diffuser is a great fragrance jar for your car, closet, bathroom, desk, etc. . These are formulated to provide long-lasting scent. Our Diffusers comes in a square crystal jar filled with 8ml of scented oil, wooden cap and a inner cap to protect your oil from spilling during shipment. Volume: 8ml of fragranced oil in jar. Fragrance: Variety of SCENTs available: • Aromatic Lavander • big D energy DELICIOUS COFFEE • Coquito (Egg Nog) • Lava Blaze (Mango, Pineapple, Gobi Berry and Driftwood) • Mango • Navidad (Cranberries, Pine and Orange Zest) • Pineapple Passion fruit • Pomegranate • Strawberry