One Tiny Genuine Gemstone Barrette, Hair Clip, Woven Hair Clip

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Tiny Genuine Gemstone Barrette
I feel like these need a good explanation since they’re not the normal item type that I sell.
One day I had one of these soft grosgrain ribbon barrettes hanging around. Most likely it was my daughter’s.
These barrettes typically are for little ones but I get barrettes snagged in my curly hair all the time and these don’t. They hold a growing out bang so well and don’t make dents.
One day I had some really tiny quartz beads and I needed to use them up so I sewed them onto the barrette and voila!
The Power Gemstone Barrette was born!
Three things:

1. NOT for babies
or kids under 3. I’d hate for those little beads to get loose and get into anyone’s mouth.

2. Yes these are pricey- they are hand cut tiny gemstone beads and I hand sewed each row on.

3. Don’t forget to choose which gemstone/color you want.
Tiny Genuine Gemstone Barrette


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