5 Great Crafts to Learn

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Making my way down the aisles of Michaels or Joanne's Fabrics, I see so many crafts I wish I could do. Anyone who knows me knows I am all about a new craft! 

With the time and money it takes to start a new one, I want to make sure it's something I can really enjoy. I especially like crafts I can bring with me, ones that are really portable. I like to do crafts on my day off or on vacation. I bring a bunch of crafts and work to Maine when I visit family. It's so relaxing to painting or bead by the lake.

Some up and coming crafts such as diamond painting and paint pouring really catch my eye.


1.Paint Pouring

For inspiration, I am following the paint pouring hashtag on Instagram and it comes up with some of the most unbelievable paintings. This technique is done by putting an additive into the paint to make it the right texture to pour. Done right, it makes patterns called "cells" almost like popped bubbles on the surface or a crackled texture.Once the paint is thinned, it is added to a cup in specific layers and flipped upside down onto the canvas. There are many ways to do this, pouring or straining it through a strainer. One person even uses a turntable for the canvas and a swing to get a swoosh effect.

I am going to invest in some paint pouring materials because I have on hand acrylic paint and canvases. Make sure you do your research on coupons for canvases. Sometimes the craft stores have huge sales on them including the once a year sale at Michaels where you buy one and get two free!

This is where I am going to get my kit:


2. Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a paint by number on a sticky surface with crystals. Once completed you get a gorgeous sparkly picture that you can frame. The image below is an example of one I completed last year. The new one I am working on has square crystals so there is no exposed area around the crystals. They come in kits with the crystals, and a crystal setting pen and sticky wax. You take the wax and put a tiny bit in the tip of the pen. This helps you to easily lift up a crystal and stick it onto the canvas. To get your kit go to https://homecraftology.com/


3. Silk Flowers

Not your Grandma's type of silk flowers. Today's silks look and even feel like the real thing. From simple daisies to more complex ones like orchids, I have always loved silks. Years ago when I was a floral designer, I got my silks from Jacobson's flowers in Boston. Today there are readily available at craft stores and online but beware of the quality in  craft stores. I used to do silk designing for Michaels and the quality just isn't there in my opinion. One way I can tell quality is how the petals are joined onto the stems, blobs of plastic or wire sticking out of a plastic stem isn't a good sign. The look of the hydrangea blossom is also a good indicator of quality. Are they realistic looking or are the petals cut out and frayed? Check out petals.com to order stems of silks.

I haven't ordered from them yet but I plan to. Make sure you have the right equipment such as hot glue gun, baskets or wreaths, ribbon, wire cutters, knife and floral wire. Youtube videos are a good place to start. Stuck on a project? Bring it by my shop and I'll let you know what you can do. I even have silk flowers on my bed. Here's an example:


4. Crochet

My friend Kristy just taught me how to do basic crocheting.  I know how to do a simple chain. I use that to make one of my types of necklaces, a braided crochet chain of wire with beads added. One of the most portable crafts, you can do this anywhere! This is a little more complicated for me but I am going to keep on trying. It is relaxing once you have the hang of a few rows.

Here is an example of what you can make crocheting and a few beads:



5.Jewelrymaking. Well of course I am going to mention this. My specialty. Portable and universal. 
I love making jewelry anywhere. Especially while on a porch on vacation. My happy spot! Want to learn  how to make simple but elegant necklaces, bracelets and earrings? Spring classes are coming up soon or book a private lesson at https://www.janinedesign.com/book-online


 Those are my top five crafts. There are so many I will try in the future that I didn't want to overwhelm you. Some crafts like, silk painting, raku Pottery, glassblowing, quilling and more. Let me know what kind of craft you are working on, just respond to this email.

Happy Spring-


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