Abundance Soy Wax Melts | Earthy Scent-Aventurine Gemstones

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Product Description: An earthy scent with a hint of musk and dried leaves. Made with aventurine crystal chips to promote abundance as a whole. SAFE FOR SKIN - PHTHALATE FREE - VANILLIN FREE Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Bergamot, Geranium, Dune Grass Middle Notes: Clove sands, Rich Myrrh, Indonesian Sandalwood Dry Notes: Amber Glow, Intoxicating Patchouli, Musk Ingredients: * Premium Soy Wax: Our wax melt is made with high-quality soy wax, which is a natural and renewable resource. Soy wax is known for its clean burning properties and excellent fragrance retention. * Cryatals: Made with aventurine crystal chips. * Fragrance Oil: Our Wax Melts are created using a high-quality fragrance oil that is specifically formulated for use in candles and wax melts Volume: 3oz | 85g of fragranced wax melt in a standard clamshell.

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