Octopus Necklace, Purple Statement Necklace, Polymer Clay Bib Necklace

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Swirly colors of raspberry and grape polymer clay are adorned with Clay "bubbles" and This handmade Octopus Necklace features a unique & one-of-a-kind design. Crafted from durable polymer clay, this eye-catching piece is sure to stand out for its elegance & beauty. Make a statement with this Purple Statement Necklace With Crystals.

Hand crafted detail with tiny dental tools.

About 1/8" (2.94 cm) thick so as not to be too heavy on the neck.

This triangular pendant is hinged at the bottom for angle and movement.

17 gray silk cord. Silver spring clasp.

A real piece of art to wear!

One of a kind gothic looking, this is sure to start a conversation and get compliments.