SageD Soy Candle | Small Hex Jar

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SageD is one of our original and most popular scent we have.  Our handcrafted candle is infused with burning sage, good for smudging.  This candle can be used as a massage candle.   SKIN SAFE - PHTHALATE FREE Ingredients:  Made out of 100% premium natural soy wax, fragrance oil and burning sage. Dimensions:  Small hexagonal jar with gold lid: Height: 2.6in. (6.6cm.) Width: 2.4in. (6.1cm.) Volume:  3.2oz - 3.5oz of fragranced wax in candle. Safety Information:  Never leave candles unattended or moved them while burning.  Trim wicks on every use.  Place on a heat resistant surface.  Keep out of reach of children, pets and debris.     Additional Information: After burning the candle, jar can be reused to store honey, jams, jellies, sauces, oils, herbs and/or spices.  You can use the jar as a vase, make a cute terrarium, for tealights and so much more.