Tektite Stone Scoop, Genuine Loose Tektite Stones, Asteroid Glass

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What is a tektite Stone?

Tektites we’re created by extraterrestrial impact. A tektite is a piece of natural glass, formed by minerals found in the Earth’s crust as well as on the surface of the moon.

They may be Earth Minerals which fused and spattered under impact of a meteorite strike ; other theories sugglest that they are fragments thrown out of the moon by meteoric impact on the moon’s creator Tycho, or that they were caused by a comet collided with Earth. these are genuine and not altered.

3 sizes tektite stone scoops available.  

large is over 1" 

medium is a little less than 1"

and small is about 1/2"

I will send you a teaspoon size scoop in ea h since. Price is per teaspoon scoop.