Key Necklace, Old Key, Quartz Necklace, gemstone Necklace, Bronze Necklace

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Long hand knotted necklace created with silk, silver and assorted Quartz and coral beads.
Metal key charm adorned with Pearl and cherry quartz beads.

This necklace is a stunner and can be worn alone or with a shorter necklace.

Great gift for a key collector
Or someone who has significance with keys.

About 32" long.

I wanted to give a slight bohemian look to this necklace, so I hand knotted a gorgeous mix of beads with silk.
I wanted it to look a little bit like a crochet chain so I created one strand of silk in the beads and one outside, knotting them together between the beads. I had pink, light pink, coral, Pearl and clear colors for the mix.
It's nice and long so there is no need for a clasp!