5 Healing Gemstones That Can Help You

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Everyone gets an ache or pain here and there but what if you could alleviate and help promote healing with a stone? Scientists are still studying stones and their effect on the human body. It is not proven yet if they definitely heal but they do have vibrations and energy. This energy could help.  I am not a doctor, so I wouldn't suggest using stones as a cure for your ailments. Use them in addition to what your doctor has ordered and and always listen to your doctor first!


1. Do you have a friend suffering from tennis elbow? She is getting treatment and is going to physical therapy. A great gift for her could be a peridot stone. Peridot is said to promote healing and is a beautiful light green color. Bonus... it's a birthstone for an August birthday!



2. It is said that aventurine promotes whole mind, body and spirit healing. You get a three for one! It comes in other lovely colors such as green but I love the blue the most. Also a secondary birthstone for August.

 3. Amethyst the lovely purple stone shown below,  supposedly promotes calm and tranquility. Know a friend who is suffering from immense stress or even yourself? Amethyst is a great gift. Also it is the birthstone for a February birthday. 


4. Chalcedony is a secondary birthstone for May birthdays. It is known to help with public speaking and acting. useful for anyone who is going in front of a crowd. Bringing peace and calm to someone's life this could help someone with stage fright or the jitters. Instead of saying "Break a leg." to an actor give chalcedony as a gift.



5. Pink Tourmaline. Pink tourmaline and watermelon tourmaline (green fading into pink) is a very interesting stone. Commonly used to reduce stress, especially in children. Known to be a great stone for children to wear. Also used to strengthen hair and nails and to treat motion sickness. Known to be an alternative birthstone for October.


Now that you know some of the ways these stones can be used, they would make great gifts for your friends, family, loved ones or even just for yourself.


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