What is Statement Jewelry?

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Statement jewelry stimulates conversations. It creates a point of interest on an outfit and makes many women feel confident. Wearing a statement piece of jewelry can put a spotlight on a woman's individuality.


The statement piece can be a necklace, ring, bracelet or even earrings. As long as it's a unique and bold piece. It's not just about size! It could be an extra sparkly piece or a bright colorful piece as long as it catches the eye.

Don't be afraid to wear a statement piece.

The best way to wear a piece is to choose just one. Either it's a large cuff bracelet, or the dangle chandelier earrings but not both. Don't overdo makeup. It should be toned down as well.

The statement necklace is the most popular choice and has been worn since the beginning of history. Think of cleopatra's collar necklace


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One type of statement necklace is the bib necklace. These necklaces are higher on the neck at about 16"-18". They are thicker and bolder in style.


Long necklaces were popular in the 1920's. Beaded and full of glass beads and pearls, they were extra long. Now we are wearing long chains or beaded necklaces with tassels. These types of necklaces can jazz up an outfit from a suit to a t-shirt and jeans.


Statement earrings are best with shorter hairstyles or hair up. There are extra long earrings that are thin chains or a long bar and these are great with long hair down.


Statement or "cocktail" rings are great to wear out. Cocktail rings can be any type of bold ring with a large stone or clusters of stones. Even a large stack of multiple rings on one finger can give a great look.


Since it's not a ring you usually wear everyday, check the fit and make sure it doesn't spin around your finger or fall off when you shake your hand up and down vigorously.

Clean polished nails look best with cocktail rings. Wearing one will bring attention to your hands so they should be presentable.


Most of all have fun picking out your statement jewelry!

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